Things to consider while printing envelopes

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Envelopes of your business, take important information to the customers. They should be thick, made of good quality material, be easily identifiable for your brand, etc. The following are some points to be kept in mind while designing envelopes.

  • Decision on whether the envelope will be a wallet shaped or pocket shaped has to be taken. A wallet is a type of envelope that opens on the long edge and the pocket opens on the short edge. This decision will depend on the needs of your business. Once you are sure what is better for your business, you have to communicate the same to the envelope printing in Winston-Salem, NC agent so that it can be implemented.
  • The size of the envelope should also be considered. There are various sizes in which an envelope is printed. They are categorized as c3, c4, c5, c6. The size decides the size of the paper that can be inserted. If your business issues information brochures in A4 size, then the envelope must be able to hold it and also leave some extra space. If the flyers you issue are very small, the size of the envelope will also be small.
  • The material in which your envelope will be made is very important because envelopes are sent across in direct mail. They need to be strong to carry the documents safe. The thickness of the material is to be taken care of. Right from the envelope should create a good impression with the client. When the clients receive the envelope, they must feel the quality. The same impression they would pass on to your services too.
  • The color of your envelope should be another factor. Most brands choose according to the logo of the company, as it will be easily carried to the clients. When they see the envelope, they must be able to recognize it with your brand. Random color choices that you may like does not fit business purposes.
  • Sometimes your envelope needs to be printed in non-standard sizes too. Make sure your printing agent has facility to do that. This may be for a specific purpose. These envelopes can be made on request.