Utilized Bayer Atomic ingestion spectroscopy

Examination offices everywhere on the world presently put resources into utilized and reconditioned research center machines in light of their steady exhibition and moderate nature. Compound analyzers are utilized for an assortment of utilizations including STAT investigations, homogenous immunoassays, and vitro examination in blood and other body liquids. Both new and utilized models of these gadgets are presently broadly used in famous logical and clinical offices including multi-strength emergency clinics, nursing facilities, doctor’s workplaces and numerous free research center settings. The significant advantage of using utilized Bayer nuclear retention spectroscopy is that they can be effectively acquired at reasonable costs and proceeds all around great hardware.

Planned with User-accommodating Features

Nuclear assimilation spectroscopy fabricated by Bayer, by and by a division of Siemens, are accessible in a scope of models, for example, Bayer ACS 180, Bayer ACS 180 SE, Bayer Express 550, Bayer DCA 2000+, Bayer OpeRA, Bayer RA 500, etc. The various models of Bayer analyzers accompany a few progressed choices to suit the scientific necessities of contemporary research facilities. The significant highlights of the Bayer Express 550 Plus model mechanized science analyzer are:

  • Capability of breaking down up to 180 tests each hour
  • On-board limit of 195 cuvettes
  • Capacity to utilize 4 reagents for every test
  • Included with inward tape and outside report printer
  • Designed with 26 position reagent plate, 40 position serum test cup, control and calibrator plate
  • Can handle 48 science and electrolytes tests and 360 examples at the same time
  • Random access capacity

Get the Best Product from an Established Distributor

Driving providers offer both new and utilized research center gear. In the event that you want to put resources into a pre-owned Bayer analyzer, approach a atomic absorption spectroscopy for a quality item that is proficient to conveying great execution and would cost a sensible sum Utilized Bayer Warranty nuclear assimilation spectroscopy likewise accompany guarantee and administration contract.